Minnesota Vikings: Greg Jennings Endorses Christian Ponder

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most popular questions Greg Jennings has been asked this offseason is, ‘how will you adjust to playing with Christian Ponder?’ After all, he played with nothing but top-tier quarterbacks in Green Bay, and it’s safe to say that Ponder hasn’t quite yet earned that distinction. Jennings recently did an interview with the Pioneer Press where he commented on a number of things, and of course his new quarterback came up.

The new Minnesota Vikings‘ wide receiver was asked to compare Ponder with the quarterbacks he played with in Green Bay:

“The guy they have now (Aaron Rodgers), he sat behind Brett (Favre) and he learned so much. Christian didn’t really have that opportunity. He had to jump in. The way you compare them has to be a little different. The guy they have now was (essentially) a veteran rookie. It’s a little different, but Christian has tremendous upside. I think what I see now is a quarterback who’s maturing and who’s growing and wanting to learn and grow, which is huge.”

Jennings makes a good point when comparing Ponder to Rodgers. They did have very different situations coming into their first seasons as starters. At the same time, he endorsed his new QB, while not saying too much. His answer was pretty generic after he acknowledged his upside, but I still view it as an endorsement.

Ponder has a long way to go until he reaches the level of Rodgers. I’m sure Greg Jennings knows that after working with him for only a handful of weeks, but again, you have to consider Ponder’s situation. This will be the best group of receivers the Vikings’ QB has had to work with yet, and after 2013 is in the books, we’ll have a pretty good idea if he’s the man for the job in Minnesota.

As far as Jennings is concerned, fans should just be glad that he has lots knowledge he can bring to the table from the Packers’ QBs he’s played with.


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