2000 or 2012? Which Championship Was More Important to Baltimore Ravens

By Dan Abeshouse
Lombardi Trophy
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

What a fun question for a fan to answer: Which Championship was more fun and special to experience? For the Baltimore Ravens it’s between Super Bowl 35 and 47. The answer is Super Bowl 47. Yes, 47. Well that’s it for now, see you guys next time… Oh, yeah, I should probably explain why, right?

There are similarities and differences between both championship squad, so let’s compare and contrast. Both teams were considered underdogs throughout the season and both had to endure rock bottom three-game losing streaks. The rock bottom part was worse for the 2000 squad because that included a five-game streak of no touchdowns scored (They won the first two games of that streak anyway). The 2012 team had a lot of luck early on, so the losing streak for them wasn’t totally out of the blue.

The 2000 team at 5-4 went on a winning streak all the way to the championship and had one of the greatest defenses of all time led by Ray Lewis, who was in his prime. The 2012 team lost four of it’s last five and really didn’t stand out in any offensive or defensive category. Both teams main challenge was in the Divisional Round against the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos, respectively.

The thing that really separates these teams from my point of view was the difference in times. In the year 2000, I was 18 years old and the Ravens had only been in Baltimore for five years. They stunk the previous four years, so this 2000 team really came out of nowhere. It was all so new and I admittedly took the Super Bowl win for granted. Oh, to be young and arrogant again.

Flash forward to the year 2012, now at age 30. The previous two seasons ended in heartbreak, the 2010 playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers literally brought me to tears. I wanted another Super Bowl win so badly. Why did I have to take that first one for granted? The football gods, however,  finally smiled upon me with the miracle win in Denver and revenge against those no good New England Patriots.

Super Bowl 47 seemed to be well in hand, until the lights went out. The San Francisco 49ers predictably started making a comeback. Down 34-29 the 49ers had first and goal with less than two minutes in the game. I’m almost on the verge of tears again. How could they let this game slip like this? As soon as the fourth down pass sailed out of bounds with no yellow flag of doom, I was relieved, but still a little scared. When the final tackle was made and the confetti poured down, I knew it was official.

Twelve years of waiting and redemption for the previous years heartbreaks, that my friends, is why the 2012 Championship means more than the first. I can only hope that I won’t have to wait as long for number three.


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