Bill Belichick's Arrogance Reaches New Heights With Tim Tebow Signing

By David Fouty
Bill Belichick New England Patriots
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Bill Belichick wants nothing more than to prove he knows more than you about football. He wants to embarrass the New York Jets by proving to them he can do more with Tim Tebow than Rex Ryan can. He wants us all to feel like idiots for doubting Tebow’s ability.

He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

He was wrong about the cut-off sweatshirt, and he’ll be wrong about thinking he can make something of the sideshow that is Tebow-time.

First and foremost, the New England Patriots already have a quarterback.  He’s obviously not going to replace Tom Brady any time soon because Brady can actually throw the ball. So he’s going to have to fit somewhere else in the offense, but it just won’t work. The Patriots don’t have enough roster spots to accommodate Brady and Tebow as offensive centerpieces. Tebow will have to fit into Brady’s system.

Imagine Brady in the hurry-up with a four-receiver set.  What would Tebow’s job be? Stand next to him in the backfield and take a play-action fake before making a block?

It simply won’t work.

Perhaps Belichick wants to expand on Ryan’s idea of using Tebow in punt-protection as a possible trick-play option.  To have him in the locker room and have to deal with all the media hoopla he brings isn’t worth it to trot him out there for four or five plays a game.

Perhaps old Bill thinks he can turn him into a tight end. I have a hard time believing he’s the best option the Patriots could use in that role.  It doesn’t seem fair to all the real tight ends out there for him to get their job.

Belichick will embarrass himself.  Even he can’t make something out of Tebow.  Perhaps if he could pick a completely new squad to put around him he could find a way to make Tebow a valuable asset, but even he can’t do that.

Some might argue that he was most successful when paired with Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos, but this is completely different.  The Broncos’ entire offense was built around Tebow.  Currently, the entire Patriots offense is built around Brady

The only way Belichick comes out on top with this move is if he never puts Tebow on the field and reaps the benefits of selling his jersey.  If he tries to flex his football knowledge muscles and actually use him, he’s going to look like a fool.

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