Drew Brees Suing Former New Orleans Saints Teammate

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

It turns out that there might possibly have been some other money being exchanged within the New Orleans Saints, besides the alleged bounties that were placed on opposing players. News came out Monday that Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees is suing a former teammate for money he invested into false tax credits. Brees alleges that former long-snapper Kevin Houser illegally invested $160,000 of his money.

In addition to Brees’ money, Houser has also been involved in legal battles with other former Saints’ including – Jeremy Shockey, Gary Gibbs, and current head coach Sean Payton.

Houser is reportedly an actual licensed securities broker, but he clearly seems to be a dishonest business man. Brees’ lawyer Daniel Becnel Jr. released a statement confirming that the quarterback was hoping to avoid legal proceedings:

“We gave them an opportunity to settle. We didn’t want to file suit. We’ve been trying to negotiate with them.”

So it looks like Houser is going to try to fight this lawsuit from the New Orleans’ QB, but his chances of winning in the suit, don’t seem very good. Shockey, Gibbs, and Payton have already settled with the former long-snapper for undisclosed amounts of money. It seems that it’s only a matter of time before Brees will reach an agreement of his own.

This is just a bizarre story, and even more bizarre because it’s the Saints. Of course there’s no direct correlation to Bountygate, but it is another story involving the misuse of money…allegedly.


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