Indianapolis Colts Rumors: Ahmad Bradshaw Not Joining Team?

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger-USA Today Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have been in negotiations over the past couple of days with free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw, to no avail. After it seemed a deal was imminent, the two sides have yet to reach an agreement. It’s still anyone’s guess if the RB will end up signing with the Colts, but a report from the IndyStar suggests a decision may have already been made. The report cited a source with knowledge of the situation that says the team expected an answer, either way, by the end of Monday. As of the writing of this article on Monday night, there’s been no announcement from the Colts.

Bradshaw seems to be having difficulty coming to a final agreement with a team. He was at this same point with the Pittsburgh Steelers several weeks back, and he ended up leaving town without a deal in place. It’s likely that Bradshaw wants more money than teams are willing to pay him after surgery on his right foot. He’s been a very good back over his six-year career, but he’s definitely been red-flagged.

The Colts are wise to be pursing the free agent, because their backfield could simply use an upgrade. Vick Ballard emerged on the scene last season as a rookie, and he figures to get lots of carries moving forward, but he needs help. Donald Brown is currently the No. 2 back on the roster, but the combo of Ballard-Bradshaw, is much more appealing that Ballard-Brown.

Fans shouldn’t read too much into the lack of a deal for Bradshaw yet, but if Friday rolls around and he’s not a Colt, it’s likely that he won’t ever be one.


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