Is Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones Being Treated Fairly Over Latest Arrest?

By Dan Parzych
Adam Jones
(Brett Davis/USA Today Sports)

As bad as it sounds, it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you hear about an NFL player getting in trouble with the law–mainly because it seems to happen way more often than it should. Unfortunately, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones (previously known as “Pacman”) established a reputation early in his career as a player who just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law and even though he’s behaved as of lately–it appears the former first-round pick may have another incident he has to deal with.

Jones is expected to be charged for an incident that took place at a Cincinnati bar last Thursday in which he slapped a woman. From what his agent claims, Jones was at a bar following a Cincinnati Reds game and was approached by two women who wanted to take a photo with the cornerback and after declining their request–one of them threw a beer bottle at him.


Sure, Jones may have been protecting himself, but everybody knows slapping a woman isn’t the smartest move in the world when it comes to these situations–especially when you happen to be an individual like Jones with a history of trouble. Only time will tell when it comes to whether or not the NFL will take action against Jones since he does have a history with these types of incidents, but his lawyer does bring up a good point when it comes to how the police are handling the situation.

Peter Schaffer, Jones’ attorney, has expressed his frustration with the fact that there were numerous witnesses who saw what happened and could confirm the story told by Jones, but apparently the only people they’ve talked to about what happened are the two women who asked to take the photo with him. Schaffer brought up a good point by saying if this were any other individual than Jones, the witnesses would have been interviewed and there wouldn’t have been an arrest.

Just look at the surveillance video of Jones and the woman below that was released and all signs point to the cornerback reacting in a way that was self defense–which makes this incident even more interesting.

Once again, it doesn’t help Jones’ case that he has a history of a troubled past and slapping a woman was the last thing he should have done, but the cornerback does bring up a good point about how he was just trying to protect himself. Either way, this latest incident was the last thing Jones needed to deal with at this point in his career, but it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out–especially if the police do end up interviewing the witnesses from the bar that night to see if Jones’ side of the story is accurate.

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