Jacksonville Jaguars Should Be Ashamed, Tim Tebow Now Off the NFL Free Agent Market

By Devin O'Barr
Tim Tebow is wanted by Jacksonville Jaguars fans

As soon as the New York Jets decided to part ways with Tim Tebow on April 29th, I immediately put the Jacksonville Jaguars on the clock as the next landing spot for Tebow. Believe it or not, Tebow was an icon even while playing his high school football in Jacksonville and more notably became a legend while with the nearby Florida Gators.

Unfortunately, over a month has passed since Gang Green got rid of Tebow and the Jaguars have lost yet again. The New England Patriots swooped in and snagged Tebow, despite plenty of reports that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick reportedly “hated” the quarterback’s style of play.

Jaguars officials claimed that they were too good for Tebow, therefore deciding that they would rather throw Blaine Gabbert under center for another miserable season.

Honestly what is Gabbert going to bring to the table that Tebow is not? Unlike the pompous fools that the Jaguars have at QB, Tebow has won a playoff game and did so with a style of play that was nearly unbeatable just one season ago.

Afraid of being called out, the Jaguars sat idly by and waited for a team to pounce on one of the most infamous NFL players in the history of the league. Even if Tebow was a backup, the amount of ticket sales that he would have generated would have been insane. Instead, the Jags and their fans prepare for another two-win season.

If I were a fan of this ignorant Jacksonville franchise, I would be ashamed to call the Jaguars my favorite team and hope they get shipped to London in the coming weeks.

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