Jim Brown Wants NASCAR Safety Brought To NFL: Fair or Foul?

By Devin O'Barr
Jim Brown sits at the podium

Jim Brown may have taken countless blows to the head throughout his nine-year career, but the NFL great is trying to move the game that made him famous in a safer direction. According to Brown, nothing says safety quite like NASCAR — while recently attending a Sprint Cup race, Brown offered up a great critique of the NFL:

“Someone in NASCAR realized there were certain things that could be done to make it safer. The same thing has to happen in football.”

So, after countless fines levied and numerous rule changes the question is: What can the NFL do without suiting up and playing flag-football instead? I see the league making too many reforms and in a hasty fashion. For example, the “crown of the helmet” rule made for the 2013-14 season should have been the only reform this offseason.

Instead, other rules were implemented, like the banning of “peel back blocks” — one of these prematurely ended the season for Brian Cushing last year. Biting off more than he can chew seems to be a hobby for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Getting back to Brown, the legendary Cleveland Browns running back has spoken out before, but has never compared the gridiron to the raceway. Perhaps this was an uncanny approach, but Brown has always spoken his mind and rarely wavers or backs down. It means more when Brown suggests reform considering he played the game, yet high-caliber changes toward safety made by Goodell are always questionable.

NASCAR has had its fair share of deaths on the track, so it may just take a player dying on the field in order for the NFL to make the reforms that Brown feels are necessary.

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