New England Patriots Rumors: Tim Tebow in, Ryan Mallet out?

By Jeremy Hayes
Tim Tebow
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots grabbed America’s attention today by signing free agent Tim Tebow. The move has raised so many questions about Tebow’s role with the Patriots, but few have questioned: what will be the fate of back-up quarterback Ryan Mallet?

There is a very strong chance that Mallet will be traded before the start of the regular season. If the Patriots can get a high draft pick for the 2014 NFL Draft, Coach Bill Belichick may pull the trigger on that trade offer.

It is still way too early to tell if Tebow will even make the Patriots roster as a quarterback. But if he does, chances are the Patriots will have no interest in re-signing Mallet, which will make him more valuable to the team if they traded him away for future prospects.

Rumors have already been circulating this offseason that teams around the NFL might be willing to offer a second-round pick in 2014 for Mallet. This would be a smart move for the Patriots since, once again, they will most likely not even try to re-sign Mallet for the future. Plus, there is still that slight chance that Tebow can still improve and be worthy enough to back-up Tom Brady in the future.

The rumor is still as follows: the Cleveland Browns may have interest in trading a second-round pick for Mallet.

It will all depend on how Mallet and Tebow perform in the preseason games before the Patriots make any moves.



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