New England Patriots Smartly Sign Tim Tebow

By Phil Naegely
Tim Tebow with the New York Jets
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow is one of the most talked about athletes among the NFL and other sports. Today is no different; but now the discussion goes from alternate options to the NFL to Tebow being named to Forbes’ most influential athletes list and now to Tebow signing a contract with the New England Patriots. Some fans and other journalists are thinking this decision is pointless and not the right thing today, but Tebow’s low-risk signing cannot hurt the Patriots one bit.

Unlike the New York Jets, New England was used to the media attention pre-Tebow and it hasn’t affected their game or success. Secondly, Coach Bill Belichick has dealt with high profile athletes before and he can deal with Tebow and all of the attention. If anything, Belichick will be able to creatively fit Tebow into the game plan, and I doubt they signed him just so he can hold a clipboard.

Let me be clear here; Tom Brady will be the starting QB and there is no controversy to it like last year. Tebow is a dynamic rushing threat and Brady is a passing threat, so now the Patriots have a legit threat on both sides of the offense. Also, Tebow has signed as a QB not as a RB or TE. This might be the chance Tebow needs to develop as an NFL QB and find himself in a permanent starting role.

According to Albert Breer, Tebow’s signing was discussed over the weekend by the Patriots organization and was not a haphazard decision. Belichick and the rest of the organization aren’t new to coaching or football, and I am sure they have real reasons for signing Tebow. One thing is for certain; this was not a PR move. The Patriots are well known, and they didn’t sign Tebow to make themselves more popular.

Brady is still the starting QB, and this chance will allow the Patriots to be more creative offensively. Some possibilities could include running the wildcat or putting Tebow under center on a QB option type play.

In the end, the Patriots were smart to sign Tebow. This move cannot hurt them one bit, and the organization already knows how to handle a media presence. The 2013 Patriots will not fail to handle the pressure like the 2012 Jets. Minicamp is right around the corner, and Tebow will be there. Many will be watching Tebow either learn and develop behind Brady or fade into the sunset. I think Tebow will hone his QB skills in New England and start for another team next year.

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