NFL Nightmare: Tim Tebow Signs With New England Patriots

By B.L. Lippert
Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

Just when you thought you could safely watch Sportscenter again, Tim Tebow rises from the football ashes to sign with the New England Patriots.  Skip Bayless won’t sleep a wink tonight.

This signing makes absolutely no sense. Tebow is the antithesis of Patriot head coach Bill Belichick.  For as reserved and curt as Belichick is with the media, Tebow is the opposite.  He’s a self-aggrandizing, “look at me” drama queen who will do anything to garner attention.  If his announcement that he was returning to the University of Florida wasn’t nauseating enough for you, you should check out the workouts he does while ESPN cameras are rolling.

Stop pushing cars Tim and learn to throw.

It seems as though he brings camera crews with him wherever he goes.  And while I appreciate the great generosity he displays, it does come with an asterisk if Jeremy Schapp is with you the entire time.  Want self-promotion?  The NCAA had to make a rule outlawing players from writing messages on their stick-on eye black because Tebow took it to the extreme.  Of course they waited until his career was over to do so; they know a cash cow when they see one.

He’s also the anti-Tom Brady, and not just because he struggles to throw consecutive spirals.  Brady is reserved, a reluctant interview, and sincerely humble.  He wasn’t over-hyped coming out of college. In fact, he was dramatically underrated.  Tebow’s the exact opposite.  He’s constantly in the media, will do an interview with anyone that sticks a microphone near him and is severely overrated.

The New York Jets seemed like an ideal fit for Tebow.  It was the perfect media storm with brash head coach Rex Ryan, the New York back pages and Mark Sanchez all as possible characters in the Tim Tebow Show.  Even that didn’t end well for Tebow.

This just seems like a foolish move for a team desperately trying to win another Super Bowl before the window closes on the Tom Brady era.  Why invite in the media circus for a guy that’s going to hold a clipboard?  Why expose yourself to all the questions of how you’re going to use him in your offense?  And please don’t tell me you would consider taking Tom Brady off the field in certain situations for a package of plays with Tebow behind center.

B.L. is a sports writer for Rant Sports and can be followed @coachlip or on his Facebook page.


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