Signing Tim Tebow A Brilliant Move By New England Patriots

By Randy Holt

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the Tim Tebow front since the New York Jets waived the overexposed quarterback. But now, that coverage that was swirling around Tebow before is about to reach a level that no one has seen to this point, given that he just signed with one of the league’s most popular clubs.

Tebow has reportedly signed a contract with the New England Patriots. Which means that if Tebow wasn’t already carrying enough coverage on ESPN, the Bristol-based station is likely to escalate their already hours-a-day coverage to new heights. More importantly, though, what does this mean for the Patriots?

If there’s a team that’s going to sign Tebow and make him worth something, it’s going to be the Pats. Bill Belichick is widely regarding as one of the brilliant minds in all of sports. Even if it’s not at quarterback, he’ll find a way to utilize Tebow and get the most out of his skill set.

The question is whether or not the Pats have signed Tebow to develop him as a quarterback or to transition him to a tight end or fullback type spot. Given how loaded the Patriots are in that respect, one can only imagine that they’ve signed him to be a depth quarterback and something of a project.

Tom Brady is 35. We don’t know how much game he has left. While most assume Ryan Mallett will take over in his place, the years that Brady has left will give the Pats time to develop Tebow as a quarterback, which could allow him to take over in place of Brady within the next few years. Not to mention the fact that Mike Kafka was released, meaning Tebow is likely taking his spot on the depth chart.

For Tebow, this is an ideal situation. He gets to work under one of the more brilliant offensive minds in the game, while playing behind one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Much more beneficial than playing under Rex Ryan and behind Mark Sanchez. There is no situation more perfect for him.

This isn’t some sort of long-term or even lucrative contract. Outside of all the publicity that this will bring, this is a very low-risk move. And it’s one that could pay major dividends for the Patriots in the future. We won’t see the results of this right now, but if Tebow is going to be successful in this league, it’s going to be with the New England Patriots.

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