Signing Tim Tebow Unnecessary Move For New England Patriots

By Dan Parzych

After an offseason filled with plenty of possible career changes, it looks like Tim Tebow has finally found a new home for the 2013 season–the New England Patriots.


Many wondered if Tebow would even play in the NFL again following his release from the New York Jets considering how much he’s struggled to make it as a quarterback in the NFL, but whether or not this is the right move is debatable. When looking back at the last couple of seasons, New England has brought on numerous players in an attempt to revive their careers, but it hasn’t always worked out–just look at how things worked out with Chad Johnson (who was Ochocinco at the time) and Albert Haynesworth.

Plus, when looking at the media circus that comes along with Tebow, this is one of those things that Bill Belichick and company won’t be able to avoid–no matter how hard they try. It would be one thing if Tebow had proven to be effective during the 2013 season as a member of the Jets, but the fact that he’s been in the league for as long as he has and still struggles with the basic mechanics for an NFL quarterback is enough proof as for why this is a bad move.

The Patriots were already set at the quarterback position and while it’s always fun to experiment with these types of situations–this move was completely unnecessary for the Patriots heading into the 2013 season as they would be just as fine without him on the roster.

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