Tim Tebow Joins Forces With Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

By Kenny Bristow
Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

It has finally happened. Tim Tebow is back in the news—as though he ever left—and has signed with the New England Patriots.

I know this comes as disappointing news to all of you Tebow-haters, but I am jumping for joy!

Nothing better could have happened for anyone who likes to stand around the water cooler every morning at the office or job site and talk sports. This one may get you fired, too, my friends, so try and save your takes for your favorite sports blog. May I recommend Rant Sports?

Anyway, I admit I am a Tebow maniac. As with most sports I follow, I don’t necessarily root for the outcome one way or another beyond a compelling sports story. And it certainly doesn’t get much more compelling than this.

Bill Belichick, the NFL’s reigning Darth Vader, has just added another weapon to his evil empire and I’m going to bet it won’t be a wasted one. This won’t be like AFC East rival, the New York Jets, who brought Tebow in and foolishly let his playing time situation distract the team from any kind of success.

Belichick, who had to refute reports just last week that he “hated” Tebow, will not allow that to happen. Nor will he keep Tebow under a sock hat, rehearsing his post-game interviews in his head.

We all know that Tebow is not going to challenge Tom Brady for the starting quarterback job in New England which eliminates three-quarters of the problem of having Tebow on your roster. Now all that remains is how does Belichick and his offensive sidekick, Josh McDaniels (who drafted Tebow in Denver) use their new storm trooper?

Seems to me the biggest issue now is how does Tebow get number 15 away from Ryan Mallet? See? Controversy already!

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