Tim Tebow Won't Last a Full Season on New England Patriots

By Ben Grimaldi
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

To almost everyone’s surprise, the New England Patriots signed quarterback Tim Tebow today. As any football fan knows, the Pats are well equipped at the quarterback position already with some guy named Tom Brady, and a young developing player in Ryan Mallett, so the signing seems questionable at best.

Whether Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has anything to do with bringing in his former first-round draft pick or not remains to be seen but what we do know is the Patriots have done this song and dance before. Many times over actually. They take players who have been thrown away for whatever reason and try to find the best possible fit for them.

Albert Haynesworth, Anthony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow and Chad Johnson are just a few of the names New England has signed and not gotten much use out of. In fact, most of these players never make the full season on the Patriots roster before they are let go. I don’t know what the Patriots intend to do with Tebow but I don’t think he lasts in New England.

The Patriots are always looking for ways to improve their team and even if it a player can only help them for one week, they are usually willing to get their use out of that player and move on from them the next week. It’s just the business of the NFL and the Patriots maneuver like this more than any team in the league.

Of course Tebow could stay on the roster all year and help the Pats win games in 2013, after all, he does have some talent and led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win in 2011. It’s just difficult to see where his value is to the Patriots, especially since he said he’s going to stay as a quarterback instead of moving to another position. It is possible the Patriots have some special plans, and plays, for Tim Tebow but just how much use the Patriots will get out of him is unclear.

The Tim Tebow circus has just pulled into New England and it probably won’t stay around all season long.

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