Tim Tebow’s Prior Relationship With Josh McDaniels Will Allow For Future Success

By Phil Naegely
Josh McDaniels-Offensive Coordinator-New England Patriots
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

When the Denver Broncos traded down and drafted QB Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels was the head coach. Fast-forward to Monday, June 10. McDaniels is the New England Patriots offensive coordinator and Tebow has signed a QB contract with the Patriots. The deal can’t hurt New England and has low expectations attached.

McDaniels and Tebow are familiar with each other. Tebow will not have to learn how McDaniels coaches and McDaniels knows Tebow’s playing style. He is also the right person to help Tebow develop and hone his playing skills so that he can go on to succeed in the NFL. Only this time in New England, McDaniels and Tebow won’t be under unrealistic and high expectations.

McDaniels is a smart and effective offensive coordinator that will be able to help develop Tebow. Tebow is the hardest working athlete out there and is always determined to find a way to succeed. Between McDaniels’ coaching knowledge and Tebow’s vision and work ethic, the potential is endless for Tebow and the Patriots. I doubt Tebow will see many snaps behind center, because Tom Brady is the obvious starter, but this is possibly the opportunity Tebow needs to succeed as a starting NFL QB and make it to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Yes, at the moment this seems outlandish and that Tebow will not be voted into Canton, but you never know. The Patriots have a history of “fixing” players, and Tebow may be their next successful experiment. One thing is for certain – the previous relationship between Tebow and McDaniels will only allow them to develop a game plan faster, and Tebow could become a starting NFL QB sooner rather than later.

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