Wes Welker's Comments Put a Dark Cloud Over New England Patriots

By Devin O'Barr
Wes Welker lays on the turf
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

When Chad Johnson trekked to Foxborough a few years ago, everyone knew that the Chad Ochocinco days were gone. Meaning, the New England Patriots run a tight ship with little-to-no fun allowed and players with a “diva” personality usually don’t last.

We already had a testimony from Johnson, but now Wes Welker claims he wasn’t able to be himself while with the Pats. Apparently, New England doesn’t have a problem with the antics that Rob Gronkowski puts on throughout the season, but Welker gets detained? — I’m not buying it, Wes.

Here’s what Welker had to say about his newest NFL home in comparison to the strict-nature Patriots:

“I feel like I can be myself a little more for sure.”

Whenever you play for an organization as long as Welker played for the Patriots, you develop a routine in which you accept many things that you would not otherwise. The move to Denver has given Welker the opportunity to step back and take a level-headed look at how things were run in Foxborough. Every organization has a niche and the Patriots firmly believe that the field takes precedence over the post-game fun.

With that being said, the Denver Broncos‘ wide receiver really shouldn’t have anything against an organization that gave him a chance to reel in two Super Bowl rings. What Welker didn’t mention in his anti-Patriots spiel is that he choked in the two biggest games of his New England tenure — how convenient, right?

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