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5 Green Bay Packers Veterans Who Deserve To Be Cut

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5 Veterans To Cut

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Since Ted Thompson has arrived in Green Bay with the title of General Manager in 2005, he has shown fans of the green and gold that every year he is looking for young, new talents.

Thompson, in his first year in the office, decided not to re-sign starting guard Marco Rivera and released starting guard Mike Whale and starting safety Darren Sharper. These three players were key components in the Packers organization.

If anyone had any doubt that Thompson would be coy about making any off-season moves, they sure don't anymore.

In Thompson’s first NFL Draft he managed to snag the now Pro Bowl quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and added another future Pro Bowler, Nick Collins. Clearly, Thompson was building his team to be a future dominant force in the NFL.

Coming into the 2013 season the Packers roster looks quite young with a mere 13 players having over five years of experience. Thompson has done quite well in achieving his goal of adding high potential talent to his roster.

Players like Randall Cobb, B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews have made an immediate impact on this team boosting the Packers to a Super Bowl Title in 2010.

The hatred towards Thompson that accumulated from Packers fans soon diminished and has since grown into love and understanding. Each year the NFL Draft rolls around, Packers fans gather in the Lambeau Field Atrium and sit on the edge of their seats waiting for who Thompson will draft to be the next key contributor to the organization.

Despite their overwhelming youth and Thompson’s vast knowledge of scouting future talents, there are veterans among the bunch whose performances have warranted a walk out the front door of 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

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No. 5: A.J. Hawk

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The 6’1” linebacker out of Ohio State came into the NFL scene with high hopes. He was a top talent on the highly touted Buckeyes squad and was expected to transfer his talents to the Packers defense. In his rookie season he accumulated 120 tackles, 83 solo, with two interceptions and a forced fumble. After his remarkable first season, Hawk was thought to be the next crucial player in the Packers linebacker corps, but this was not the case. In the past two seasons he hasn't recorded either an interception or a forced fumble and his number of tackles has not surpassed his rookie season total. With lots of young talent out there, it’s time for the Packers to part ways with Hawk.

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No. 4: Mason Crosby

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Crosby peaked in his 2011 season hitting 24 of 28 field goals attempted which was good for an 85.7 percentage. We all know what happened to 28 year old out of Colorado last season. His percentage was a career low 63.6, and he told reporters that he had “a mental block” which was derailing his confidence. Each time Crosby stepped out onto the field, fans around the world grimaced and refrained from watching. Even the coaching staff took note. On situations where in the past we’ve seen Head Coach Mike McCarthy send out Crosby for a field goal attempt, he elected to go for it on fourth down instead. Putting three points on the board in the NFL can greatly affect the outcome of a game, and you surely don’t want to put the game on the foot of the admittedly mentally blocked Crosby.

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No. 3: Jermichael Finley

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The tight end who is widely known for dropping countless passes and then frolicking around like a child who didn’t get his way has been struggling as of late. It’s not a good thing when you bumble the ball into the turf and look up to see one of the elite quarterbacks in all the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, giving you the look. The best you can do is run back to the huddle with your tail between your legs and say, “I got it next time, Aaron.” That’s not what the Finley I know does. He runs to the ref pleading for a penalty call and gives excuses to his coach. This is not the type of tight end that any team would want to associate their number one title to.

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No. 2: Jarrett Bush

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This young man’s designated position is cornerback, but who would know it? When he takes the field it’s rarely on the defensive side of the ball. Bush accumulates his playing time through special teams even earning the right to step out onto the field of the playoffs labeled as a Captain. While he may make one play a game that anyone would expect to see from an NFL caliber player on special teams, we also see him stumbling around the field on defense occasionally. You hear a grumble from the group gathered to watch the game when Bush is spotted on the field in his cornerback position. Bush has been prone to getting burned down the field by receivers whose athletic ability is much greater than his after gambling on which way they will go. Cutting Bush would give a sigh of relief to all Packers fans.

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No. 1: Brad Jones

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While Jones is only entering his fifth year in the league, he still is viewed as a veteran at his position within the Packers organization. Jones has battled through injuries including a season-ending shoulder injury in 2010. Making his way back into the starting lineup, his performance each season has been no better than average. Opposing teams seem to have more concern in stopping the force of Clay Matthews than they do Jones and rightfully so. Jones recorded 77 tackles during the 2012 season with only two sacks, and that's not the kind of threatening player the Packers want to aid Matthews in the pass rush. The bottom line with Jones is that there are a vast number of players out there just like him, and he needs to be replaced with a more threatening type of linebacker.