Chad Johnson, Lawyer Ask Judge Kathleen McHugh to Reconsider 30-Day Jail Sentence

By Paul Seaver
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

In one of the more bizarre news stories on a day that included Tim Tebow being signed by the New England Patriots, former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Johnson, who was in court on Monday for violating his probation, had accepted a plea deal that would give community service and counseling to resolve a probation violation. However, when judge Kathleen McHugh asked Johnson if he was pleased with his lawyer’s representation — Johnson said “yes” and then proceeded to slap his behind. The court room burst into laughter and the judge pretty much had had enough of it right on the spot.

She revoked the plea deal and sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail. Tough break. Not exactly the way Johnson envisioned his Monday morning.

Well, now Johnson and his lawyer are begging for Judge McHugh to reconsider her sentence. A hearing has been set for next Monday, so it will be interesting to see what she chooses to do next week. If Johnson can contain himself for about 20 minutes and be serious with the judge, he might have a chance to have that jail sentence reconsidered. With that being said, McHugh appeared ready to accept Johnson’s plea deal prior to his courtroom antics.

McHugh certainly could have been overreacting with her decision, but as the courtroom video indicates, Johnson was clearly fooling around, in her courtroom and at her mercy to boot.

Good luck with the reconsider Mr. Johnson.


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