Chicago Bears Training Camp Profile: Matt Blanchard

By M. Quann Boyd
Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

As long as I can remember, the Chicago Bears have always lacked the lethal offensive punch to stand toe-to-toe — blow-for-blow — with the elite passing teams around the NFL. Well before the Bears traded for Jay Cutler, and with no offense to go along with Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon, the last signal caller of any true worth and significance for the Bears was Sid Luckman.

Now, moving into the 2013 season, Cutler is the “unquestioned” starting quarterback with Josh McCown, who’s impressed the organization over the last few seasons, settled nicely into the back-up role. For second-year quarterback Matt Blanchard, that does not leave much room for any sub-par showing on his part during training camp.

After spending the 2012 season as a member of the practice squad, as well as briefly being cut and than brought back to the team, Blanchard’s goal going into training camp is to claim one of the 53 opening-day roster spots. Blanchard may have already made strides towards obtaining one of those roster spots during the rookie and full team OTAs. Plus, by being Marc Trestman’s guinea pig and having a camera stripped to the side of his helmet, he should earn him points with the coaching staff. If Blanchard has soaked in a great deal of the offensive play book, there’s a real possibility that he could push for the back-up role.

Although, at this stage in the game for Blanchard, it’s a long shot.

Unless there’s an act of God, or the ghost of George Halas, resulting in both Cutler and McCown going down do to horrible play and/or injury, don’t except much out of Blanchard this season besides holding a clip board and being apart of sideline conversions between the starting quarterback and his position coach.


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