Dustin Keller Makes Miami Dolphins-New York Jets Rivalry Even Better

By Jeff Everette
Dustin Keller-Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years, the teams of the AFC East have loved to steal talent from each other’s rosters, and 2013 is no different. From coaches to players, the offseason merry-go-round means that there will be plenty of NFL talent eager to talk smack about their former team.

It comes as no surprise that this season’s bulk of the griping and finger-wagging is coming from former New York Jets, just as it was last season and the season before. The latest player to add to the noise is Dustin Keller, a former Jet who is now on the Miami Dolphins roster.

Keller was on Sirius XM NFL Radio recently, and of course the subject of his former team came up. Keller’s comments were not all disparaging, but it never takes much to offend a team in the NFL, and he made it clear that the Jets were a three-ring circus.

Keller talked about the way there was always “some type of nonsense” going on with the Jets, and that they are always in the media for “all the wrong reasons.”

The comments were not the worst we have heard about a player’s last team, but any time a player opens his mouth about his former employer, someone is sure to get their feelings hurt.

In this case, the simple fact that Keller is now a Dolphin would be enough to cause friction between the two teams. With him divulging information about his five years in New York, This just adds to a naturally nasty rivalry that has been around for a very long time, and you can expect things to get interesting when the Dolphins meet the Jets in Weeks 13 and 17.

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