Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Is Poised For A Huge Season

By Colin Barton
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is heading into what could be his biggest season yet. Does he have the skills to put a up a record breaking season?

To answer the question above, yes. I think he has the skill set to potentially break the 2000-yard rushing mark, and here is why. First of all, Charles has put up three 1000-yard rushing seasons in his first five years in the league, not to mention he averages a whopping 5.8 yards per carry over the course of his career. Add in his 24 total touchdowns, and you have a running back that has proven he can produce pro-bowl stats at the highest level.

So what makes this season any different from the others? Well, a lot. The Chiefs have done a complete overhaul to their team this offseason, all of which will compliment Charles and give him even more opportunities to succeed this season. The most notable changes to benefit Charles are the signings of quarterback Alex Smith and head coach Andy Reid

The  most beneficial addition will be the one of QB Smith. Smith will be a huge upgrade over the Chiefs’ previous quarterbacks and will provide the Chiefs’ offense with a whole new threat. This should give Charles better opportunities in the running game because opposing defenses will have have to worry about the passing game as well. As long as they keep a balanced attack by keeping the runs and passes at a 50/50 ratio,  he might just be able to put up a 2000-yard season.

Add in new head coach Reid, and you will have one of the best offensive minds in the league running the team. This could be a huge season for Charles, and don’t be surprised if you see some record-breaking numbers out of him this season.

Colin Barton is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on twitter @ColinBartonRS


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