Media Circus Surrounding Tim Tebow Will Be Left in Dark by Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

By David LaRose
Tim Tebow Media Circus
Stew Milne- USA TODAY Sports

With the news of Tim Tebow returning to an NFL roster yesterday, specifically signing with the New England Patriots, the media lost its mind with wall-to-wall coverage of everything Tebow.

Tebow-Mania has officially returned but don’t expect it to gain much traction under the anti-media style of Bill Belichick. The circus that surrounds Tebow may have finally met their match in Belichick’s candid style and it will be a major adjustment from his previous NFL stop in the bright lights of New York. Rex Ryan was not the type of coach to be candid in responses about Tebow, and neither was his Jets teammates for that matter, but the Patriots are the anti-Jets in every way.

A lot was made of Tebow’s career, and whether it would ever continue on an NFL field, but now that it has he’s seemingly found himself in the perfect situation. Of course the media throng at every practice and press conference will be 20-deep but in New England Tebow will actually be able to work on his game without constant statements made about his performance each day.

Belichick will be coy and I’m sure that he’s told the rest of the team to limit their talk about Tebow besides the politically correct responses:

“He’s a guy that works hard and will be a great teammate.”

“We have a lot of respect for Tim.”

Those will be the common words spoken about Tebow in Foxborough, nothing the public has not already heard before, and that’s how Belichick and the Patriots will keep it.

Will Tebow be able to succeed in New England? It remains to be seen and frankly it will remain to be heard despite the media’s pining.

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