Oakland Raiders and the 5 Worst Fan Bases in the NFL

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The Five Worst Fan Bases in the NFL including Oakland Raiders

US PRESSWIRE- Matthew Emmons

We all know it. There are certain NFL fanbases that we don’t like. Admittedly we all have our own biases too, but there are always those types of style or attitude that just bugs us. One of the top five is in the headline so you know Al Davis’ black and silver will be making an appearance. He was known as a maverick so it is no surprise that his fans and players fit the bad boy maverick type as well.

You might also see some pouty quarterbacks as well as some “non-clutch” quarterbacks so to speak as well. My own personal bias is aof course going to come into play here, so you might see some teams that I have some regional hatred for. That’s been getting grinded into my brain since I was about 5 so I just have to offer my apologies about that.

I mainly write about Prep Sports covering college football and basketball recruiting, but it has been funning dipping my toes back into water as afar as covering the professionals. Although admitted I’m watching game 3 of the Finals as a I type this right now.

Anyways, these five fanbases were just the ones that I picked and I stand behind my picks, but I am willing to listen to other ideas as well. I am openminded and when information that is rational (that is a key there) and also original, then I openly welcome it and I often use it in my later pieces.

If you have any comments feel free to Rant them below or you can hit me up on twitter. Thanks for reading.

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Carolina Panthers

US Presswire- Jeremy Brevard

I’ve read them being called a “wine and chese” crowd, and sometimes have trouble filling the stadium despite an electric young quarterback, who admittedly is working on becoming a better leader. I used to write exclusively about the Panthers, so this hurts a bit. But sometimes the truth hurts. It is probably also a lackluster, because most of the Carolina area used to be Washington Redskins fans, but who knows.

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4. The Dallas Cowboys

US Presswire- Matthew Emmons

Call me a hater if you will, but I’m from the DMV so apologies but this one just resides deep in my heart. I’m thinking of a word here and it rhymes with schland-wagon fan. Tony Romo does not help the Cowboys’ case, but we will just have to see if he can bounce next year after another failure late last season.

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3. The Patriots

US Presswire- Stew Milne

SpyGate did not help my opinion of them, even though everybody probably does it. They also went out like a bunch of punks in last year’s playoffs, and I just have to admit I’m hoping this Tim Tebow thing just explodes the entire organization. Their championship run has to be viewed as probably our last football dynasty, so respect must be given, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them right?

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2. The Philadelphia Eagles

US Presswire- Howard Smith

As a native Washingtonian and a lover of the free human spirit I just had to, but I held off on number one. They were a part of something called the “Bodybag” Game; I think that speaks for itself. They will not hesitate to boo you, and let’s just all be honest and say it. Dononvan McNabb is just getting kind of obnoxious lately; McNabb, don’t say anything about Robert Griffin III. He is five times the professional and the worker that you ever were. Boom. Somebody has to step up for RG3.

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1. The Oakland Raiders

US Presswire- Matt Kartozian

You knew who number one was from the beginning. Good luck going to a Raiders game in non-Raiders gear. I would sooner walk into a biker bar in a pink tutu. The Raiders always imitated the persona of their maverick owner Al Davis who recently passed ; they haven’t been quite the same ever since and the worst fanbase in football is starting to earn my pity a bit. They deserve better than Carson Palmer, and the fact that some still have belief in Palmer is just boggling to me. This is a brief foray into the NFL for me, but my voice had to heard.