Owner Mark Davis Guarantees Oakland Raiders Will Be Great

By Jeremy Hayes
Mark Davis
Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

Raider Nation seems to be excited for the first time in a while about the upcoming season for the Oakland Raiders.

Owner Mark Davis appears to be perfectly confident in the state of his franchise right now, as the Raiders go into their season with Davis as the owner.

“I’ll be in the building more often,” Davis said to Mercury News. “Like I’ve said before: I still know what I don’t know. But I’ve been around long enough to pick up a few things. What I really want to do is simple: find good people, give them goals and let them go to work.”

The Raiders have made plenty of additions to the roster to give them a whole new look. The players they added this offseason basically made up a whole new potential roster at just about every position: quarterback Matt Flynn, running back Rashad Jennings, wide receiver Josh Cribbs, defensive tackles Pat Sims and Vance Walker, defensive end Jason Hunter, linebackers Nick Roach and Kevin Burnett, corner backs Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter, safety Usama Young and punter Chris Kluwe.

This whole new look to the team is a good reason for fans to feel a little more confident in their team because that is what a team has to do if they are on of the worst teams in the league. Reboot. Not reload.

Ever since the death of the late Al Davis, the Raiders have been looking to push back to be an attractive looking team for free agents to sign with.

General Manager Reggie McKenzie really went to work this offseason to give Davis and Raider Nation more confidence. Davis has already received criticism over the managing of the staff, but that is not distracting him from his team.

“My concern is winning,” Davis said. “The Raiders will be great again. Write it down. The Raiders will be great again.”


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