Reliable Tight End Means Big Year For Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

By Devin O'Barr
Jay Cutler at training camp
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In the case of the Chicago Bears, the statistics coming from the 2013 season really don’t lie. Finishing the year 28th overall as a club in passing yards, the Bears and Jay Cutler in particular, have a lot to prove and must do so by throwing to someone not named Brandon Marshall.

Sure, Bears fans loved seeing Marshall place third in the NFL in receiving yards last year, but the lack of talented Bears wide receivers was painfully obvious — Marshall led the team with 11 touchdowns in 2013 and rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery came in second with just three TDs.

No one can expect that kind of production from Marshall for a second straight season. Luckily, Chicago noticed the mediocre play on the outside and brought in a playmaking tight end to address the gaping whole.

Martellus Bennett was an impact player for the New York Giants last season catching 55 balls and finished the year with 626 receiving yards and five touchdowns. Ever since Chicago and Greg Olsen parted ways, the Bears’ quarterback has been throwing to incredibly-incompetent tight ends, so Cutler has to appreciate the Bennett signing.

Whenever Cutler has gotten into trouble in the past he has been forced to take a sack — the Bears have allowed Cutler to get sacked 148 times since coming to Chicago in 2009, which leads all NFL quarterbacks in that time period.

Instead of taking the sack, Cutler will now be more confident to sling it to Bennett. If these two can connect for multiple touchdowns then the Bears will have no choice but to break the bank and handsomely pay their quarterback.

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