Super Bowl In Philadelphia Simply Makes Sense

By Matt Lombardo
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles announced on Sunday a sweeping plan to revitalize ten-year-old Lincoln Financial Field.

Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles’ home stadium since 2003, is set to undergo renovations that add murals depicting historic moments and iconic players from the franchise’s history throughout the building, expand wifi service, and enlarge and bring the stadium’s two video boards up to current high definition standards, as well as additional seating all with the thought of enhancing the gameday experience for fans in mind.

The $125 million refurbishments to Lincoln Financial Field will be fully financed by the Eagles along with help from the NFL in terms of financing.

However, Eagles owner and CEO Jeffrey Lurie as well as President Don Smolenski have a bigger, loftier goal for their franchise in mind: eventually hosting a Super Bowl in the City of Brotherly Love.

“You know, that wasn’t the intention,” Lurie said. “But certainly when I’m on the Super Bowl committee, when you’re bidding for a Super Bowl, the committee looks very closely at your stadium and your city, what you can host, and Philadelphia would be a great place.”

A decade ago, a Super Bowl in Philadelphia seemed as a preposterous idea as one could fathom. However, after successful stagings in cold weather cities such as Indianapolis and Detroit, as well as a flash ice storm that couldn’t even derail the NFL freight train to go with the decision to host the league’s signature event in north Jersey makes Philadelphia hosting the Super Bowl a bit closer to reality.

“We’re going to root for a decent weather day in New York and New Jersey. We think we have a great city here to host it, and a great stadium. And I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way.”

Philadelphia hosting a Super Bowl would be a long time coming.

The city certainly has the public transportation infrastructure, and now a stadium that is being brought up to par with those built in the most recent offseasons, the weather should not be a factor.

Philadelphia has hosted such marquee events as the Winter Classic in 2012, the 2013 US Open Championship, has placed bids to host the Olympics and is located between transportation hubs New York and Washington D.C.

Eagles fans certainly will be treated to an enhanced gameday experience when this project is completed in time for the 2014 regular season. But the city of Philadelphia, now, should be treated to the strongest consideration to hosting a future Super Bowl.


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* All quotes obtained first hand

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