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Top 5 Dallas Cowboys Players Who Need to Step Up on Offense in 2013

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5 Offensive Players Who Need To Step Up For Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys will open training camp in over a month and as it stands from the past few seasons, improvement is needed from every aspect of the team. They need better play on the offensive, defense and in special teams so they can get back into the playoffs in 2013. Dallas did get great performances out of some of their players in 2012 but it wasn’t enough to win the NFC East or earn them a Wild Card, so they need even more production all-around in the upcoming season.

On both sides of the ball the Cowboys have players who have the ability to play like stars and be great for a season, and that’s what the Cowboys need in 2013. Focusing on the offensive side of the ball, the Cowboys certainly have the skill to become an elite offensive team regardless of who calls the plays, but the status quo will not do this season. Dallas needs offensive players to step up and play up to their capabilities in order for the Cowboys’ offense to thrive.

Here are the top 5 offensive players the Cowboys need to step up in 2013 if they want to fulfill their potential as an offense. Some of the names will be very obvious to Cowboys fans and they should be looking forward to seeing how good they can be this season but the team also needs some of the role players to step up and play their part in order for the Cowboys’ offense to be successful.

Here are the 5 Dallas Cowboys offensive players who need to step up in 2013:

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5. Miles Austin

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He needs to stay healthy and play up to his contracts high standards. He’s fully capable of being the WR he was when he had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons and if he can stay healthy and do that again, the Cowboys could have one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL.

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4. Doug Free

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There’s no getting around how bad he was last year but he’s mentioned how much more comfortable he is after playing in Bill Callahan’s blocking system for a year. He needs to reward the Cowboys for their patience in him for two poor years of play after getting paid. He needs to be, at worst, an average player at right tackle for the Cowboys’ offense to thrive.

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3. DeMarco Murray

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Murray has all the skills needed to be an elite player at running back but he needs to stay healthy. The Cowboys really need his all-around skill set to make this offense go. All the weapons on the outside are nice but football is still a physical game and the Cowboys need a dominant Murray to help aide Tony Romo and the passing game.

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2. Travis Frederick

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The Cowboys placed a ton of responsibility on Frederick after making him their first round pick and he needs to be a real player for them. The interior of the Cowboys offensive line has been an issue for a few years now and it Frederick doesn’t play well and give Romo that extra half second to make plays or open up running lanes, the Cowboys will be toast again in 2013. Travis Frederick needs to be the real deal in Dallas.

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1. Tony Romo

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There’s really no other answer. Romo needs to have his best season, no matter what time of year, or quarter, it is. Dallas has placed all of their eggs in Romo’s basket and he’s responded the right way all offseason but he needs to play good football or the Cowboys don’t have a chance. He struggled at times last season and that cannot happen in 2013 if the Cowboys want to head back to the playoffs.