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5 Ways the New England Patriots Can Use Tim Tebow

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New England Patriots: 5 Ways They Can Use Tim Tebow

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As you all know by now, the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow to a two year contract on Monday. This came as a bit of a surprise, but I have always felt that Tebow was a good fit for the Patriots. Not only is head coach Bill Belichick a known Tebow supporter, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the head coach of the Denver Broncos when they drafted Tebow in the first round. Also, many of Tebow's former teammates from the University of Florida are on this team, including Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes and Jermaine Cunningham. Simply put, the Patriots are a great fit for the popular quarterback.

The media attention surrounding Tebow is certainly overwhelming. If there is any team in the league that will be able to deal with this, it is the Patriots. Belichick simply does not allow distractions in his locker room. He will not let the media craziness effect his team. Yes, there will be a ton of reporters everywhere that the Patriots go as long as Tebow is on the team, but mark my words, Belichick will not let it become a problem the way that it was with the New York Jets.

I like this signing for the Patriots. With a non-guaranteed contract, there is no risk. If he does not perform in camp or the media attention is too ridiculous for even the Patriots to handle, they can simply just cut him and lose nothing. This is a no risk, high reward type of signing. Many people have said that with Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett already at quarterback, there is no room on this team for Tebow. Do not forget, Tebow is very versatile, being able to play multiple positions. Nobody loves versatility like Belichick. The Patriots made this signing knowing that they could use Tebow in many different ways. I know that Tebow wants to remain a quarterback and early reports are that the Patriots plan to use him as one. That being said, there is no way that Belichick does not use his new versatile weapon all over the field. Here are five ways the Patriots can use Tebow.

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Back-Up Quarterback

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Tebow will battle with Mallett for the back-up quarterback job. Mallett is considered the much better passer, but Tebow excels more at other things. Also, Tebow has won some games as a starting QB in the league and that is nice to have in case of an injury to Brady. Former Carolina Panthers QB Chris Weinke has been working with Tebow and has claimed to fix a major flaw in his footwork that is making his throws much better. Only time will tell if this is actually true.

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Tight End

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With star tight end Rob Gronkowski coming back from multiple different injuries, the Patriots could use some depth at the position. I think that Tebow has the physical skills to play a little tight end. I do not think that he will be able to line up at the position for every play of a game, but I am sure he could handle a handful of plays. He will certainly have to work on his route running if this were to happen.

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Punt Protector

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Tebow lined up as punt protector for the Jets early last season. I always thought it was a good idea because it gives you an added dimension that teams have to worry about. The Patriots could draw up some fake punts using Tebow that would have to keep the opposing team honest. The threat of Tebow is enough to warrant him being on the field for a punt.

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Wildcat Quarterback

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I can see McDaniels drawing up a few plays for Tebow to run the wildcat. With other versatile weapons on the Patriots offense like Hernandez and Shane Vereen, I think the wildcat package could really succeed in New England.

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Line Him Up in the Backfield

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Imagine Brady lined up in the shotgun and set up directly to his left is Tebow. There are many different options the Patriots can use while Tebow is on the field. Hand him the ball, fake it to him or send a pass his way in the flat. If they line him up in the backfield, defenses have to worry about what he can do. Are they running some sort of trick play where Tebow has a run-pass option? Defenses will have to account for this whenever he is on the field.