Cincinnati Bengals: Is it Curtains for Adam 'Pacman' Jones?

By Andrew Fisher
Pacman Jones
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I typically enjoy rooting for professional athletes trying to overcome ‘character issues.’ Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones definitely fits the bill for that kind of player, but I’ve always found it hard to root for a guy who’s slipped up so many times. I’m all about second chances, but Jones has far surpassed getting one chance at redemption.

You do have to give him credit, he’s been pretty well-behaved over the last couple of years. He’s no doubt come along way since the tragic nightclub incident he was involved in back in 2007. But after another arrest, is this finally the end of Pacman’s tenure with the Cincinnati Bengals?

This latest incident is just bizarre. Why he would get involved with a bar patron and put himself in another sketchy situation, is beyond me. He obviously hasn’t learned from his past mistakes. It’s pretty clear to the rest of us that the club and bar scene, is not for Mr. Jones. He needs to stay the hell out of situations with potential for incident, because he’s clearly still immature.

So far he’s admitted to slapping the woman in self defense, but the legal outcome of this incident may not have a bearing on the Bengals’ decision on whether or not the retain him. He is just starting the first year of a new three-year deal, but the contract only guarantees him $1.5 million.

Cincinnati has to think long and hard about cutting him, because he’s just not worth any additional headaches. The team doesn’t need any distractions, whether Pacman Jones is guilty of a crime or not.

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