Dallas Cowboys Play Calling Saga is Far From Over

By Ben Grimaldi
bill callahan dallas cowboys mini-camp
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While many people were breathing a sigh of relief yesterday when Jason Garrett announced that Bill Callahan would indeed be taking over as the play caller on offense, I kept thinking one thing, this story hasn’t been told yet. In fact, it’s likely to be the first chapter in an on-going saga that will become a theme in the 2013 season for the Dallas Cowboys.

Even though the details are becoming clearer as the days pass by and the confusion has somewhat lifted, the questions and scrutiny will remain throughout the year. We now know Bill Callahan will call the plays, spoiling a terribly kept secret, and that the decision was made months ago, in January, so most of the suspense is gone.

What isn’t gone, however, is the situation in its entirety. Sure the questions about who the offensive play caller is will stop for now but we should assume the questions will pick right back up again if the Cowboys struggle on offense in the preseason. The second guessing probably won’t take very long if the Cowboys fail to impress on offense or after the first questionable play call in August. And if it’s that bad in August just imagine how much worse it’ll be in September when the real games start.

Of course we don’t know if the Cowboys offense will struggle but all it takes is just a few bad play calls before the second guessing starts. And if you think the emphasis on the offensive play caller will only be caused by a poor Dallas offense think again.

If the Cowboys offense shines with Bill Callahan all the talk will be about why didn’t Jason Garrett give up the play calling sooner? And you know that Jerry Jones will want to take credit for his role in replacing Garrett with Callahan, even if we don’t know the true story behind the decision. Somehow, you just know Jones won’t hesitate to play the credit game that he loves to play so much.

No, the play calling saga isn’t over yet and it’s likely just beginning. So Cowboys fans should enjoy the next month and a half and not worry about who’s calling the plays because come August 4th against the Miami Dolphins, that will change.

The ‘PCS,’ Play Calling Saga, will be one of the themes to the Dallas Cowboys 2013 season; hopefully there are bigger and better ones to come.

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