Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Terrell Owens Citing Interest in Team, Expresses Good Fit

By Paul Seaver
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

Ah yes, a Terrell Owens update. For those wondering where the free agent wide receiver has been, well he’s still waiting for a phone call or for a team to express interest in him.

Albeit Owens remains in limbo, he is voicing his own opinions now on who he thinks should take a chance on him. The two that are standing out the most to Owens are the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs. Why? Well Owens likes the west coast system and he feels like the two would present situations in which he could excel.

Don’t worry, Owens knows that he can’t be picky, but it’s obvious that is he just trying to drive up any interest. Owens was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks a season ago, but released prior to the start of the season. At this point, Owens’ future in the NFL could already be complete. He said just last week that if he cannot find work in 2013, he will retire — Owens is 39 years old keep in mind.

While Owens’ connection with the Chiefs is obvious (team just hired Andy Reid this off-season), he has a similar establishment with the Vikings, just not with the head coach. Owens reportedly has a great relationship with the team’s wide receiver coach, George Stewart. With that being said however, Minnesota just signed Greg Jennings this off-season and while Owens might be appealing to some extent, the team has already addressed the position this off-season.

It will be interesting to see if Owens will get a shot this season in the NFL — if not, we may be seeing the end of the T.O. Show.


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