Philadelphia Eagles Veterans Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson Growing Impatient with QB Battle

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles veterans Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson have recently voiced their displeasure and anxiousness regarding the quarterback situation in Philly. Vick wants to know who the quarterback is so he can stop incessantly answering questions from the media about who the top signal caller is, and have more reps with the one’s. Jackson feels it is necessary so he and his fellow receivers can form a rapport with whomever the No. 1 man for the job is in 2013.

Frankly, I find all of this ridiculous and a bit comical. It is barely June. All Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has seen so far is the players for a few weeks in shorts and t-shirts. As Kelly said, the real men are separated from the boys when the pads come on. For a new head coach to make a decision now before training camp and when the bullets start really flying in the preseason would be rash and be made before all the facts are found out about not just the quarterbacks, but every position on the field.

For Vick to have any sort of sense of entitlement after, by all accounts, a poor season in 2012 is unnerving. Vick should come in with a fresh attitude to re-prove himself to a new regime under Coach Kelly, not make demands on how and when Kelly should name his QB. Jackson evokes similar concerns among the fan base as he recently made a public story of him running with the two’s and three’,s and now has also followed Vick in his request to name a quarterback at or before training camp.

My advice to these two veterans? Keep your mouth shut and play. Kelly is going to do things his way and isn’t going to be intimidated by two mealy mouthed veteran players regardless of if they are established or not. This isn’t going to accomplish a whole lot in helping the Eagles win ballgames or establish a team environment under the new coach.

While I don’t believe Jackson and Vick are malcontents, and this may eventually blow over. The right move from here on out is to possibly avoid the media as much as possible and focus on the task at hand. While both players were key figures under the previous regime, neither is guaranteed a spot in Kelly’s rotation, especially if they keep up their antics. Jackson, however, does figure to play a huge role on the offense.

Kelly will name a quarterback when he is good and ready as he should, as it is the most crucial position on the field. He was known at Oregon for dragging the battle out until right around opening night to give himself and his staff a fair evaluation of what they had at quarterback and who was the best and most efficient player at the position. Kelly won’t necesarilly go with the best athlete at QB, but rather the player that runs his offense the most successfully while limiting mistakes and turnovers.

About six other teams or one-fifth of the league is in a similar circumstance as the Eagles on having not settled who the quarterback is. The Eagles have nothing but time to evaluate both Vick and Nick Foles’ play on the field and go from there. Kelly likes his players to speak their mind, but I am not sure he is thrilled with two players undermining him in the public eye. Regardless, the quarterback battle rages on into the dog days of summer. Kelly would have it no other way.

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