Seattle Seahawks Signing Tarvaris Jackson to One-Year Deal is a Great Move

By Connor Hutyler
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In 2011, Tarvaris Jackson was the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, but in 2012 he was released when Seattle brought in two new faces in Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson to compete for the starting job.  Flynn was expected to win the job with Wilson making the team as the No. 2 quarterback, Jackson could either be released or stay on and take a pay cut.

Not surprisingly, Jackson was released and ended up as the backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.  Surprisingly, Russell Wilson would end up winning the starting job and becoming one of the most feared quarterbacks in the NFL.

As the starter for the Seahawks two seasons ago, Jackson was solid.  He was respected by his teammates and managed to put up decent numbers despite playing behind an atrocious offensive line on an offense with almost no weapons.  He struggled with accuracy at times, but his ability to throw the deep ball made him a very effective quarterback that year.  He seemed like he was a good quarterback, just not quite good enough to be a starter.  This season, it appears as if Jackson will be back in Seattle as a backup, as he has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the Seahawks this morning.

In my opinion, this is a spectacular move by Seattle.  Jackson will be one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL and fits Seattle’s offensive scheme much better than Brady Quinn, who is currently viewed as the team’s No. 2 quarterback.  While Jackson isn’t exactly Russell Wilson from a mobility standpoint, he can throw a nice deep ball like Wilson and that is going to be a big part of Seattle’s dynamic offense this season.

If Jackson does end up getting the backup spot with the Seahawks, it’s a fantastic signing and he will be a great fit that provides a veteran presence in the locker room.  Hopefully for Seattle’s sake, Jackson won’t have to play at all during the regular season, but if he does he will be ready to take the field for his old team.

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