Washington Redskins Wasting Their Time With Signing of Donte Stallworth

By Dan Parzych
Donte Stallworth
(Michael Ivans/USA Today Sports)

Two years ago, the Washington Redskins took a shot on Donte Stallworth as the wide receiver appeared in 11 games in 2011 while making 22 catches for 309 yards and two touchdowns. Now, it appears the Redskins are bringing back Stallworth for another shot to see if he has what it takes to make an impact this time around, but whether or not this is the right move is questionable.


Washington signed Stallworth on Wednesday to give him another shot to compete for a roster spot for the 2013 season as the Redskins will be looking to defend their title as NFC East champions. The Redskins emerged as one of the biggest surprises during the 2012 season as Robert Griffin III led them to an unexpected playoff run, but if the organization thinks Stallworth is going to have any impact on this team–they’re crazy.

For starters, Stallworth has already been in the league for 11 seasons and he’s yet to even record his first 1,000-yard season–which is embarrassing for any wide receiver playing in the league that long. There’s no question Washington could certainly use some help in the passing game, but the chances of Stallworth having an impact on offense are similar to the chances of Brett Favre making another comeback.

The Redskins are wasting their time with this move and they should have focused their attention on other wide receivers capable of making more of an impact in the passing game than Stallworth.

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