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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Be A Successful New England Patriot

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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Be A Successful New England Patriot

Tim Tebow
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When Tim Tebow signed with the New England Patriots, the immediate question on everyone's mind was whether or not his set of skills, both on and off the field, would be a good match for the Patriots.

Tebow is, if nothing else, one of the most unique players we've seen in the NFL in a long time.

The last 10 months or so have not been kind to him. He was traded from the Denver Broncos after leading them to the playoffs in 2011, then spent the 2012 season waiting to even get playing time with the New York Jets, despite the fact that he was behind the struggling Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

He's big, strong and athletic, with a skill set that should allow him to be capable of filling multiple roles. He may not have be superstar quality at any of them. But if he can be capable at more than one, he'll be a valuable asset to the team.

The thing is, he's obviously got talent. He showed that in 2011 with the Broncos. He has the raw ability to run, catch and yes even throw the ball. But whether that talent lies as a quarterback or somewhere else on the field is yet to be answered.

Time will tell what position he's best suited for. But for now, we can at least look at the other factors, the ones that can't be measured in 40-yard dashes or throwing accuracy, and try to come to an answer to whether or not he'll be successful as in New England.

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5. The Patriot Way

Patriot Way
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Quite simply, The Patriot Way states that no one player is allowed to put himself ahead of the team. It's a simple statement, but it permeates everything the players (the successful ones at least) do.

It shapes the way they deal with the media, the way they prepare for the games, even the way that they deal with each other.

Most of all, it fosters a locker room dynamic that gets the most out of players willing to check their egos at the door and buy into what the team is trying to do.

If Tebow can buy in, and I think he will, he'll end up getting the most out of his talent as an NFL player.

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4. Tom Brady

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Everyone needs a mentor, and who better to emulate than Tom Brady?

He's a true professional in everything he does, both on and off the field. The way that he deals with both teammates and the media, the way that he prepares for games, even the way that he reads defenses, all should rub off on Tebow.

After the dysfunction that Tebow was exposed to with the Jets, playing with under a quarterback like Brady will be a breath of fresh air.

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3. He's Good With The Media

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It's tough to play in Boston, it's true.

When you play well and win the media, the fans love you. If you don't, they will never let you forget it.

But whether you're playing well or not they won't leave you alone. Especially if you're Tim Tebow. There will always be a camera in his face, just waiting for him to say something controversial or inflammatory. Things that just won't fly in New England.

Some players in the past have had a hard time dealing with the Boston media, especially under the strict Patriots media-relations rules. Recently, ex-Patriot receiver Wes Welker said that he feels like he can finally be himself now that he's not playing in New England.

Tim Tebow won't have these problems. He's been in the media spotlight since he was a teenager, and has one of the most polished on camera personas in all of professional sports.

If there was ever an athlete tailor made to handle the pressures of playing in Boston, it's Tim Tebow.

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2. He's Versatile

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If there's anything that Bill Belichick and the Patriots value, especially in players who hold backup roles, it's versatility.

In the past, New England has used wide receivers as defensive backs, linebackers as tight ends and even star players on special teams.

Tebow will be no different. He will need to be willing to do whatever the coaching staff asks of him, up to and including playing on those all important special teams. He has a wide ranging skill set, and can be successful at many spots on the field.

In the Patriots' world, the sum of the parts can be worth more than the whole.

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1. He's Been Humbled

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There was little interest in his services after he was released from the Jets in April. In fact, there was so little interest that rumors swirled he would end up in the CFL, or even the indoor football league.

But there is always a silver lining to when we struggle. The silver lining for Tim Tebow could be that his struggles have made him understand that his future in the league may not be as a starting quarterback.

Instead, he will have to check his ego at the door and accept whatever role the Patriots are willing to offer him.