Could Kevin Sumlin Be the Next Head Coach of Dallas Cowboys?

By Ben Grimaldi
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I realize that training camp hasn’t started yet, the regular season is months and the notes on mini-camp are still coming in from this week but there is some interesting news that could make a coaching change for the Dallas Cowboys very easy on Jerry Jones if the Cowboys flop in the future. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin recently said that he would consider coaching in the NFL.

“Maybe later — some time later,” said Sumlin to

This is not to suggest that either Jason Garrett or Sumlin are going anywhere anytime soon but the possibility could intrigue Jones. Garrett has two years left on his contract and if Jones allows him to play that deal out without the type of success that he covets, it would be extremely easy for Jones to look at Sumlin as his next coach. The Texas ties would make him very easy to follow over the next few years and Jones has had success in the past with young, innovative college coaches; see Johnson, Jimmy and to some extent Barry Switzer.

It’s a long leap to suggest any of this could happen but Jones can see the writing on the wall and looking around the NFL with the read-option and spread offenses being all the rage, Sumlin brings a great amount of interest. It’s also easy to see the influence and success that college coaches have had transitioning into the NFL recently and Jones could find himself going after his young star pupil in Sumlin. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll’s recent success could sway Jones into hiring the Aggies main man, and if some of the other college coaches like Chip Kelly or Doug Marrone turn around their franchises soon, it might also bring the notion to Jerry’s mind.

Kevin Sumlin is a very good coach who gave a Houston football program life again and then turned around A&M after one season in the SEC. He’s proven to be a winning coach and if the Aggies do well again this year, who knows what the future will hold for Sumlin.

There are many who believe Jason Garrett’s job security isn’t very good past 2013 and even though I’m not one of them, no one knows what is going on in Jerry Jones’ head. Whether you choose to believe it or not, Garrett is rebuilding the Cowboys into a better team and has done so each of his first two seasons as head coach. Their roster is deeper and more stable than it’s been in years and the Cowboys are on the verge of turning things around, but who knows how much longer Jones will stick with him if the Cowboys don’t have more success. That’s what makes this scenario an interesting one.

One of the hottest coaching names in all of football has just opened up Pandora’s Box and Jerry Jones could be tempted to look inside.

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