Do the New England Patriots Need Tim Tebow More Than He Needs Them?

By Brandon Medeiros
Tim Tebow New England Patriots
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the hottest topic right now around the NFL. The New England Patriots have signed controversial quarterback Tim Tebow to a two-year contract with no guaranteed money. Though many have already questioned the signing, Tebow does bring something to the quarterback position that the Pats are seldom used to seeing: the ability to run out of the pocket. Not only is Tebow one of the hardest working players in the NFL, but he is also already familiar with the style of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, having played a season under him with the Denver Broncos. The question is, do the Patriots need Tebow more than he needs them?

With four years of experience already under his belt, Tebow has started to take on the status of a journeyman. The Patriots will be the third team he will be playing for in his young career. Though critics have regarded Tebow as a mediocre quarterback, he did see limited success in Denver, bringing them to the postseason only to be booted out by the Patriots. Other than this ‘fluke” season, as many would call it, Tebow hasn’t made too much noise around the NFL. After a forgettable season last year with the New York Jets, he will be looking to hit the restart button on his career and find some retribution in New England.

Being able to learn from an elite quarterback like Tom Brady is an opportunity that no QB can pass up. Though it seems that Tebow needs the Patriots more than anything right now, the Pats may just benefit from having him on the depth chart. For starters, Tebow ran for 102 yards last season. That is more than Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett combined! Not only do the stats on paper look good, but he seems to be getting on head coach Bill Belichick‘s good side as he was talked about in a positive manner. “Tim is a talented player, is smart and works hard. We’ll see how it goes,” Belichick said Tuesday.

Though Belichick didn’t seem too excited to answer questions about Tebow, he  seemed pleased in what he saw at mini camp. Tebow has also gotten on the good side of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“You can’t get enough people like him,” Kraft said. “Life is about collecting good people around you. You can’t have enough good people.”

It seems that the whole Patriots organization thinks highly of Tebow, which is a good step in trying to prove his legitimacy in the league.

As Tebow expects to compete with Ryan Mallett for a backup job behind Tom Brady, it has become a waiting game.  Now he must abide by the old saying, “patience is a virtue.” As the Patriots are interested in dealing Ryan Mallett if the right deal comes around, Tebow may be given a chance to move up in the ranks. For now, though, Tebow will be attempting to prove his value in mini camp as he tries to make New England a permanent home.

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