It's Danger Season in NFL

By Ben Grimaldi


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With so many teams finishing up their mini-camps this week, it’s a dangerous time of year in the NFL. Players no longer are required to be around team facilities and most tend to get away for the next and a half before the rigorous NFL season begins. It’s a time where teams unofficially hold their breath and hope that nothing goes wrong from now until training camp.

None of this is to say that players can’t get in trouble during the season but this time in the offseason equates to what parents say about their kids being out after midnight; that nothing good happens after midnight. NFL players have plenty of fame and fortune and this is the time of year when they get to blow off some steam before the demands of training camp and the regular season keep them in at night instead of going out.

According to there were 13 NFL player arrests from June 10 through July 21 last year and teams are well aware of the dangers that await in the next six or seven weeks. Most teams gather together for a talk about responsibility before they go on their final break before training camp comes around, but even that can fall on deaf ears.

Obviously no time is a good time to get arrested or be in trouble with the law, but with no team responsibilities for the next month and a half, trouble sometimes finds players who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. With nothing to keep their concentration over the next hand-full of weeks it’s time for coaches and fans to worry about players getting into trouble before training camp begins.

It’s danger season in the NFL and fingers are crossed in every NFL city across the country.

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