Off-field Embarrassments Continue for Philadelphia Eagles with the Arrest of All-Pro LT Jason Peters

By Joe Doris
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles’ litany of off-field distractions in 2013 came to a head early Wednesday morning when perennial All-Pro LT Jason Peters was arrested in Louisiana for drag racing and resisting an officer by flight.

According to a local news report by the Monroe News-Star, a police officer attempted to pull over a duo of suspected drag racers when he witnessed Peters, in a white Camaro, and a blue sedan at a red light before both cars accelerated rapidly once the light turned green.

Peters then made his most moronic decision when he tried to escape the police pursuit, at speeds of over 100 mph, while the other perpetrator surrendered to the sirens. Eventually Peters brought his vehicle to a halt before immediately being handcuffed, arrested and booked at the Ouachita Correctional Center.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the first off-field embarrassment for the Birds this off-season, as RB LeSean McCoy was sued by a woman earlier this year for allegedly assaulting her aboard a party-bus in 2012. To follow it up, Eagles G Evan Mathis caused a huge stir when he posted a picture of himself urinating on an IRS headquarters building in Washington D.C. to his Instagram account. McCoy was also involved in a vulgar, offensive and overall humiliating exchange of words with the mother of his son, LeSean Jr., on Twitter in January.

The Eagles are making a valiant attempt at a total organizational turnaround after their pathetic 4-12 showing last season, with the dismissal of former head coach Andy Reid and the addition of new front-man Chip Kelly, and they really can’t afford to withstand these types of off-field problems.

Interestingly enough, NFL fans, along with most other professional sports enthusiasts, tend to forgive and forget when it comes to moral and legal dilemmas as long as the player is still able to produce athletically.

So whether the public’s tendency to forget athletes’ wrong-doings following on-field triumphs is wrong or right, if Peters, McCoy and Mathis can produce at a high level in 2013, all will be forgiven.


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