Philadelphia Eagles Tackle Jason Peters Arrested For Drag Racing, Resisting Arrest By Flight

By Dan Parzych
Jason Peters
(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

The Philadelphia Eagles realize how much pressure there is for them to bounce back in 2013 after they turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments last season after finishing with a 4-12 record. So when one of their key players gets arrested for performing a stupid act–it’s one of those frustrating situations that you know could have easily been avoided.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, Jason Peters was arrested on Wednesday for drag racing and resisting arrest by flight in Monroe, LA as he exceeded speeds of 100 mph while trying to flee from police. What makes this situation even worse for Peters is this incident took place at 4:45 a.m.–so that alone already makes him look suspicious.


Sure, we can look at the situation and say this incident for Peters was minor compared to some of the other stupid acts professional athletes perform, but this whole thing could have easily been avoided in the first place. Philadelphia realizes how important Peters can be to at tackle and it will be interesting to see whether or not they take any action against their lineman for the incident.

While it’s never funny to joke about these types of dangerous situation, it’s difficult not to wonder if Peters was a fan of the recent Fast and Furious movie that came out a few weeks ago since he is apparently likes drag racing.

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