Terrell Owens to Minnesota Vikings is Almost Laughable

By Andrew Fisher
Terrell Owens
(Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

Terrell Owens isn’t good for much anymore, except a good laugh. This guy just won’t go away. He still thinks he’s going to play in the NFL again, but it’s just not going to happen. As if character issues weren’t enough, now he’s old. There’s not a real strong market for idiotic washed up receivers, but still, Owens keeps trying to sell himself to teams around the league.

First it was the New England Patriots, and now it’s the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings. Owens recently told the NFL Network that he would fit in well in both locations. Of course you would, T.O.

You can never say never in sports, but the chances of Owens signing with the Vikings, are not good. Minnesota has made a huge point of going young over the past two years under new GM Rick Spielman, and Owens just doesn’t fit the bill of what the Vikings are looking for. They’re simply not a team in the market for a 39-year old.

The only thing that keeps this from being completely ridiculous, is the fact the Minnesota could use another receiver or two. They made some upgrades in the offseason, but adding another playmaker wouldn’t hurt a thing. Unfortunately for T.O., he’s no longer a playmaker. He hasn’t played in a regular season game in two years, and the odds are that he won’t ever play in one again.

The troubled wide receiver says he’s going to hang it up if he can’t find a team this year, but I just don’t think he can let it go.

T.O. – it’s over.


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