Tim Tebow's Religion Played a Part in Contract With New England Patriots

By Devin O'Barr
Tim Tebow praying with New England Patriots
Joe Camporeale – USA TODAY SPORTS

Whenever a players hits NFL free agency, the immediate concern is whether or not said player got booted from his last team for a negative attitude or off-the-field antics. With that being said, fans across the league scream up and down when their team doesn’t sign a guy simply because of his questionable demeanor.

Well, the New England Patriots knew they weren’t getting a problem child in Tim Tebow and Patriots owner Robert Kraft admitted he has kind of fallen in love with the quarterback:

“He has a great attitude, he’s a winner.”

The above quote is not thrown around lightly either — Kraft would not have such a ringing endorsement for a trouble maker like JaMarcus Russell, who was also a free agent quarterback when the Pats brought Tebow to town. In this case, it paid off for the former Florida Gators quarterback to be such a devout Christian and spew his beliefs upon anyone who would listen.

An NFL organization would much rather take a chance on a level-headed guy like Tebow than give someone like Russell a bunch of money — as unfair as it may be, the NFL is a place full of judgement and this particular team doesn’t want any egg on its face. Surely, if the “Tebow experiment” doesn’t work out in New England then the franchise will have a lot of explaining to do — just ask the New York Jets.

However, Kraft is just showing the entire NFL that a player with less baggage is going to take priority over someone with a lengthy police record.

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