Even Brett Favre Knows Aaron Rodgers Is a Surefire Pro Football Hall of Famer

By Devin O'Barr
Brett Favre
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It took longer than we all expected, but Brett Favre is finally starting to realize just how great Aaron Rodgers is. The Green Bay Packers are an organization that is known for their its quarterbacks, yet Rodgers will surely outshine Favre.

An egotistical, painfully-competitive and rogue Favre usually doesn’t hand out compliments to anyone other than himself. So, when he served up some praise for Rodgers it was something worth nothing:

“Barring any injury he’ll shatter everything I ever did there except for maybe consecutive games.”

Thankfully, the apparent schism between Rodgers, Favre and the Packers’ front office is starting to subside. Any NFL fan has to cheer for the green and yellow considering the team has done things the right way and mapped out its future via the draft and not splurging on free agent talent. Surely, Favre would rather be a part of a franchise that is on the incline — Favre just wouldn’t be No. 4 if he didn’t have just a few selfish motives.

As the anniversaries of Favre’s historic games and accolades continue to get celebrated, keep in mind just how great Rodgers has been as well. I want nothing more but for the two to coexist in title town because they both are trail-blazing quarterbacks who each deserve their own throne.

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