Mike McCarthy States the Obvious About Green Bay Packers' Rushing Game

By Andrew Fisher
Mike McCarthy
USA Today Sports

It was along time coming, but the Green Bay Packers finally went out and got better at running back this offseason. It’s been awhile since the Packers had a reliable back they could count on week in and week out. Ryan Grant and Ahman Green were the two most recent backs that had success with Green Bay in multiple seasons, but the last couple years have been tough sledding.

It’s easy to compensate for a less than average rushing attack when you have a quarterback the caliber of Aaron Rodgers, but it was getting apparent late last season, that he can’t do it alone. The Packers are going to have an elite passing attack for many years to come, but they had to get help in the backfield. With the additions of Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin, Green Bay has given itself two solid options for the future.

Head coach Mike McCarthy recently acknowledged that the team has to get better on the ground, which is news to no one.

“Clearly ahead of where we were last year. We’ll be better – I promise you. You can write that down.”

McCarthy’s guarantee is far from bold, but if you’re going to predict something, it might as well be something easy. The Packers weren’t great last year, but they still managed 106 yards per game on the ground. That was good for 20th in the league, but clearly, an improved rushing attack will only make the team better as a whole.


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