New England Patriots Training Camp Profile: Tim Tebow

By Anthony Blake
Tim Tebow - New England Patriots
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Rest assured Tim Tebow is in the mosh pit pictured above somewhere. Seriously, it’s like one of those “Where’s Waldo?” books that were popular back in the early 1990s.

While I remain skeptical about just what position he will be playing this fall with the New England Patriots, as of now at least Tebow is a member of their roster. As one of the most stringent teams in the National Football League when it comes to player conduct and team first attitude, you wouldn’t think the Patriots would bring on the controversial quarterback if they thought it would be a distraction. Still, the actual motivation behind the signing remains somewhat vague.

Bill Belichick gave his generic “what’s best for the team” spiel to the media when asked questions about the beleaguered quarterback but offered no hints as to how he will be utilized. Obviously his leadership and work ethic are huge positives to add to any locker room, but if a guy can’t actually help out on the field on Sundays the move seems rather irrelevant.

At the quarterback position, clearly the Pats are set with arguably the best in game in Tom Brady as the top gun and Ryan Mallet as his understudy backup. My first inclination upon hearing of this move was that the Pats had someone willing to make a trade for Mallet, but nothing to substantiate that has materialized as of yet leaving Tebow as the clear number three option under center.

The other possibility is that Tebow could be turned into a tight end during training camp and given reps at that position. Listed at 6’3” 236lbs., many whispers had Tebow somewhere around 255 during his time with the New York Jets last year. There’s no doubt that he has the build to be a solid tight end, but trying to change positions isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. Guys like Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez already on the New England roster have worked years to hone their craft at the position. To think that Tebow could become effective in a matter of weeks is asinine.

So where does that leave us?

Well, Tebow could be given the current Geno Smith treatment with the Jets and assigned some special packages to run in a Wildcat formation. He didn’t appreciate that much last year, and something tells me the Patriots are smart enough not to go down that road.

So is it possible Tebow just rots away on the bench for another NFL season?

Honestly, Tebow’s value cannot be assessed in what he brings on the field. It’s obvious he isn’t a very effective quarterback and changing positions seems like a drastic move at this point. He may be signed as a member of the active roster, but my money is on Tebow acting more like a player-coach than anything in the upcoming season.

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