Quarterback Competition is Best Option For Jacksonville Jaguars

By Andrew Fisher
Jacksonville Jaguars
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Most fans can see that the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have an ideal quarterback situation right now. There’s of course the old saying that if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one – and that might apply to the Jaguars. Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert will reportedly be competing this preseason for the starting job, but many have questioned whether there’s really a competition at all.

Henne recently confirmed that he is indeed in the middle of a legitimate competition with Gabbert, and I think that’s the best move for business. I’m sure that Jacksonville would just like to pick a QB and go with him, but neither of these guys has distanced himself from the other.

Gabbert’s career started off terribly, but he’s slowly started to impove – while Henne has never been anything but average over his five-year career. Why not let them duke it out? Competition is going to breed the most success, just picking a player won’t do the team any good.

I do think both players have been put in difficult situations so far in their careers, as neither one hasn’t really played on a contending team. Jacksonville has been down for years, and Henne came over from some very mediocre Miami teams. It’s tough to judge how good these guys really are, because they’ve never been surrounded by a lot of talent.

The Jaguars finally seem to be pointed in the right direction with new coaches and management in place, but they won’t get anywhere in 2013 without a decent QB. I’m still leaning towards Gabbert as the best option for the team, just because we’ve only seen a small sample from him. There’s much more data on Henne, and it’s likely that he’s already hit his ceiling. Still, you never know when a player might turn things around, and thus why the QB competition is the best option for Jacksonville.


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