Atlanta Falcons: End of the Line for Richard Seymour?

By Leigh Allen
Richard Seymour Atlanta Falcons
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Another player possibility has apparently bitten the dust for the Atlanta Falcons. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

Richard Seymour and the Falcons have gone back and forth, with both sides claiming they worked together to try and come to an agreement. It now appears that agreement isn’t going to happen. Seymour himself thanked the Falcons for their efforts and admitted the talks had stalled; he’s also said he’s ready to retire if the right opportunity doesn’t come along.

But is he really?

Reaction to the possibility of Seymour becoming a Falcon has been anything but lukewarm on both sides. The naysayers tout his less-than-stellar numbers and injury from last year, along with his tendency to place himself and his wants above the needs of the team. The ones clamoring for his addition reference his veteran status and experience, saying that he just needs the right situation and the right team to make a positive difference.

On a broad scale, Seymour looks like a good fit. His alma mater is the University of Georgia, where his adopted son has also chosen to attend. He knows the area, he’s from the area. On paper, it looks nice…key words being, ‘on paper.’

The sticking point: the money.

The powers-that-be of the Falcons certainly aren’t prepared to shell out the high dollars for anyone else until they get a new deal inked for QB Matt Ryan. Seymour thinks he’s still a very marketable, viable player and wants his salary to reflect that. The result of those respective aspirations: stalemate.

Is this the end of the line for Seymour and the Falcons? Time, and contracts signed or unsigned, will tell.


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