Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Jonathan Massaquoi

By Leigh Allen
Jonathan Massaquoi Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

That is indeed a quote from a fictional character—namely, Yoda from Star Wars—but the real life connotations cannot be denied for Atlanta Falcons defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi.

Massaquoi didn’t have the best season in 2012. Granted, he was a rookie. However, the competition will be stiff in training camp. While substandard numbers certainly aren’t the beginning and ending of a story, they can’t be easily dismissed.

With the likes of new teammate but proven veteran Osi Umenyiora and rookies Stansly Maponga and Malliciah Goodman waiting in the wings, substandard just won’t cut it. Massaquoi must rise up (pardon the pun) and make his presence known on all fronts.

The plan this year is to have a Super Bowl team in the making. If Massaquoi wants to keep up, he needs to step up.

And that is exactly what he’s been preparing for.

Massaquoi has been working with his personal trainer to get in the best shape possible. He’s been holding his own fairly well in the team OTAs against Umenyiora. There is much Massaquoi can learn from Umenyiora while making his own improvements and gaining his own ground in the defensive end race.

Facing facts, the Falcons defense could use some work (and yes, that is probably an understatement). With his gunned determination, Massaquoi could be a vital factor in the defense’s quest to be the best.

The question that must be answered by Massaquoi during training camp is how bad does he want it?


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