Philadelphia Eagles: Can Chip Kelly Bring Back the "Old" DeSean Jackson?

By Joseph Hickman
DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since DeSean Jackson has been in the news lately, with his documentary out and him sticking up for his boy Michael Vick, I figured I would look into what DeSean will bring this season.

To be honest, we haven’t seen the good DeSean in three years. Obviously, that has to do with the quarterback play over the past few years and the offensive line. You can throw in the play calling and the design of the plays if you like. Chip “A Beautiful Mind” Kelly might be the cure to get the old DeSean back.

We all know that DeSean was never a volume receiver. The most balls he ever caught was 62 in 2008 and 2009.  Last year he had a career low with 45, though he was limited to just 11 games because of fractured ribs. We, Philadelphia Eagles fans, know it’s not about the receptions with DeSean; it’s about the big plays.

Before he got injured last year, DeSean and Calvin Johnson were tied for the most 30-yard receptions in the league with 48 since his NFL debut in 2008. Most of those plays came prior to the 2011 season, and his receiving yards per reception have dropped the past three seasons. In 2010 he averaged 22.5 yards per catch, 16.6 yards per catch in 2011 and in 2012 just 15.6 yards per catch. DeSean has 17 touchdowns of 40 or more yards in his career, and 15 of them came in 2010 or prior.

Andy Reid tried different ways of getting the ball to DeSean. He tried running bubble-screens, quick-hitches and the one play we will never forget. That is the play-action play Reid called every single game for three years in row to start a game making the Eagles the easiest team to scout the past few years.

The bottom line is that the Eagles need the old DeSean back.  With Chip Kelly’s creativity and schemes we should see the old DeSean again. Could DeSean have a career high in catches this year? I say yes. I am going with 70. We need DeSean back in the end zone doing the “Jerk” again.

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